Name Place of the Action Short Description Author
Kid ( Part I ) Padorn Area Cadderly plays some nasty games with Clerics & Satais, 1st Part Cadderly
Kid ( Part II ) Padorn Area Cadderly plays some nasty games with Clerics & Satais, 2nd Part Cadderly
Traitors Atlantis Harbour Koriam punishs Ahaz for leaving Bhaal Koriam
Necromancer Wrath Northern Primordia Orccamp Koriam takes revenge for the death of a Priest of Bhaal Koriam
15 Seconds Village Groove 15 Seconds are not much ? Depends ;) Entreri
Blood at Orccamp Nothern Primordia Cielo and Lathander face Myron at the Orccamp Myron
Bloody Night Village Groove Myron teases Gladia ... but a Priest of Hutzilopochtli is someone can become really angry. Who will win ? Myron
Lesson for a Cleric Nothern Primordia Myron teaches Kopeister good manners Myron
Freelance Judge Tortoise Mines Myron as a self-called freelance judge punishs Mara for having killed elfs in Tortoise Myron
Clean Streets Atlantis Olivan doesn't likes dirty ghouls in his beloved streets ... Myron does. Myron
Shrine Attack Old Tilverton Olivan attacks the Bhaal Shrine in Old Tilverton Myron
Deadly Games Clouds Myron plays some games with a team of Satais in Clouds .... but it seems he has bad luck this time Myron
Myrons Bad Day Clouds Wolverine meets Myron without his beloved pets
See also : Myrons Bad Day by Wolferine
High Noon Somewhere Wolverine and Myron meet for a duell with blazing fingers
See also : High Noon by Wolverine
Sweet Revenge All over Xyllomer, but finally in Village Groove After being killed by Wolverine, Myron is out for Revenge Myron

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