The Hall of Chronicles

You enter a large hall, filled with hundrets of bookshelfs. As you walk through the small corridors between the huge shelfs you notice the dust of centurys on most of them. The Walls are covered with coat of arms, portraits of uncountable people and shields showing differend fantastic creatures.

Here you can find the historys of many familys of the land, carefully written down by the historians of the tower. You can read about the about the personal traits and maybe even about the dark past of many of the heroes and villains of Xyllomer. How they became what they are now, and what hounts them.
You notice a robed figure in one corner, and somehow you know that he will listen and write down your cronicles if you ask him to do so. You may also ask him if you have any questions.

You notice that the hall is devided into several sections.

(No! I'm not going to alter Talocarian's historical pages - unless you ask me to remove one of your own old texts. This, of course, will be possible. - Birgit)