The Post Office of the Tower
A friendly clerk in a thick, black robe nods to you as you enter the room.
"If you want to send the Sage a letter, please use the paper and ink on the oaken table.", he whispers and points to a little table at the southern wall.

When you sit down you notice some silver runes engraved in the wooden plate. After a short time you mangage to translate them.

"Feel free to write me a letter if you have any ideas what is missing in my tower, found errors or perhaps just want to write me your opinion about this building.
If you want to send me new Tales [ Logs ] from the world outside so that my librarians can write them down for the next travellers who are searching for shelter in these walls, or perhaps you families history [ Biographys ] make sure you asked the librarians about it before [ Read the FAQ ]."

You stare at the blank paper before you.


(No! I'm not going to alter Talocarian's historical pages - unless you ask me to remove one of your own old texts. This, of course, will be possible. - Birgit )

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