Biography FAQ

  1. Why a Biography Section ?
    Many players have created a history for their charakters, to give their personallity more depth and to make the game more interesting. But unfortunately often their is no time or you are tired to tell your whole and maybe very long and complicated story over and over again.
    But with the help of this page, your work is honored. You can write your history and your personal traits. Everyone who wants to can read it here. You can show them what hounts you, what happened to your family, and how you became the person you are now.
  2. What should be included in the Biography ?
    In general, the description should contain the names of your family members, where you grew up, why and how you joined your first and / or current guild. There are no limits to your fantasy, you can send me your own and short biography, but also the whole history of your clan whichs includes other players.
    If you like, you can also add a second part, which shows your way within the guild, how your life went over the years and special events that happened.
  3. Can i use Grahics in my Biography ?
    Yes, but please consider two points. I dont have unlimited disc space for this page, so the graphics should be in .jpg format and if possible not to big. Furtermore they should show important things like your coat of arms, and not your Aunt Magret cooking potato soup.
  4. I want to change / remove my Biograhpy
    Just write me a short mail about what you want to change exactly, or that you want to have it removed and i will try to do it when i update the page the next time.

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