Pictures from a MUD party in Paderborn

perhaps in 1998 (or earlier?).

In case I wrote any wrong names into the comments, or in case I didn't recognise someone whom I should really know by name: sorry... memorizing names and faces is really extremely difficult for me. Some people can't swim or dance, some people can't read or write, and I can't remember people. So, if anything on this page is wrong, please drop me a mail.

The following table contains small pictures ("Thumbnails"), the nicknames of the persons on the pictures, the file names and the file sizes. All elements of the table are ->links to the respective pictures.

picture comment file name size
[Image: P9801.jpg] Wiffle P9801.jpg 30KB
[Image: P9802.jpg] Gerse, Aldamir P9802.jpg 35KB
[Image: P9803.jpg] Gilgalad and the evil Miraculix P9803.jpg 32KB
[Image: P9804.jpg] Quevven, ?, Myron, Kayray P9804.jpg 53KB
[Image: P9805.jpg] ?, ?, Jadavin, Foranor , Ondoval P9805.jpg 36KB
[Image: P9806.jpg] Garthog P9806.jpg 27KB
[Image: P9807.jpg] Garthog P9807.jpg 29KB
[Image: P9808.jpg] Cadrim, Winddancer, Zotan P9808.jpg 34KB
[Image: P9809.jpg] Ticis, Acia P9809.jpg 30KB
[Image: P9810.jpg] Ticis P9810.jpg 28KB
[Image: P9811.jpg] Ulf, Quevven P9811.jpg 26KB
[Image: P9812.jpg] ?, ? P9812.jpg 34KB
[Image: P9813.jpg] Dago, Vanja P9813.jpg 33KB
[Image: P9814.jpg] Gilgalad, ?, Masari, Myron, Miraculix, ?, Foranor P9814.jpg 44KB
[Image: P9815.jpg] Talonara, Orolin, Felagund, Quevven, Norima, ?, Spirou, Kayray P9815.jpg 41KB