How I found the light

One day, I had been walking around in the fields near the stone mountains. I had been searching for herbs that I hoped to sell in a shop for a good price. Now, the night broke in, and I had lost my way. In the last bit of fading light, I tried to find some shelter where I could stay until sunrise. I noticed some cracks and crevices in the ground. As I had a closer look at them, I found the entrance to a cave. Down there, I entered a room with an impressive statue. The atmosphere in this cave was strange, yet I felt good down there. So I kept the mysterious place in mind and returned now and then to spend the night in it, sleeping at the feet of the statue. It seemed to be a safe place, because I never met anybody in it.

Some days after my discovery of the cave, I had a little accident in Padorn, which turned out to be more dramatical than I thought at first: I touched a needle and started to bleed heavily. The wound didn't close, I fell unconcious - and I finally died. I aimlessly hovered around as a ghost. What should I do to get resurrected? I thought of Calric - and felt more than just a dislike for him. I hovered towards the Dome of Orades - and felt uncomfortable and unwanted in the huge building. This seemed all wrong to me! Then I returned to the cave, where I had spent the last recent nights, and here I felt better. This seemed to be the right place... but how... I didn't know. I drifted around and accidently touched something... a door opened, and I went in. Inside the secret rooms that had beed revealed to me so unexpectedly, an aztec priest awaited me. He prayed for my resurrection, and in return, I gave my faith away to Huitzilopochtli. Praised be his name!

Jenkira Onq'Trysyvat

My today's opinion about this:

Please do not copy Jenkira's behaviour. It wasn't good roleplay. In plain words, I have to admit that this was a cheat which could have resulted in the deletion of my character. How should Jenkira have known where the hidden shrine of Huitzilopochtli was? Nobody had told her that, and it was really well hidden! This is the most stupid excuse for the usage of OOC-knowledge one can imagine and I have cheated because I was too impatient.

Several weeks, I had tried to meet Priests of Huitzilopochtli, but either there was none, or they simply walked past me without a word. I should have waited, or I should have tried to find a simple follower. Never again would I convert a new character to any deity without the IC assistance of a player who is a follower or a priest of this god. Except when the character wants to become a follower of his natural race god...

True, things were not so easy in those days. Followers of Huitzilopochtli did not talk much about their religion, and the priests didn't waste their time talking to puny youngsters. Normally, you would play a nice person, exploiting other nice persons to help you... and then, out of a sudden, you would become a bad one and deliver yourself to Huitzilopochtli. But this does not justify such a cheat.

Also true, some of those priests regarded followers as a nuisance. Followers would want them to spend time with them, they would suck their fitness condition when needing resurrection, they would want to attend sacrifices... so some of the priests even tried to drive you away from the shrine as long as you were not a "known follower". It seemed they wanted to have as few followers as possible. At least this happened to Jenkira. I had already "converted myself" and was sitting near the entrance of the hidden shrine, when a priest approached me and ordered me to leave. "But why?", I replied, and instead of talking the priest tried to chase me away with a panic. Well... panic doesn't work with true followers, and the puny little newbie stayed where she was. So the priest was forced to care about me. But again, this does not justify such a cheat.

"Rather harsh words," you might think, "did she receive a warning from the admin?" - No, I didn't. Either they did not notice what I had done, or maybe they had a reason to think that this was not too important. But I know that my behaviour wasn't OK, and I also know that other players got into trouble because of similar things. I'm really sorry about what I have done.