Never at a loss for lame excuses

Place : Atlantis
Date : unknown
Author : Jenkira

Jenkira wants to train her fighting skills. Some dwarven kid seems to be just the appropriate sparring partner. But Parsivale is on patrol in Atlantis, and Jenkira finds herself in an unpleasant situation, as her life is entirely in the hands of the dutiful satai.

I went to Atlantis, where I hoped to find some weak creatures to butcher. Small animals and the like... In the streets, I met a satai on his patrol, but I didn't think much about it and walked on. Finally I found two dwarven kids on a path near the courthouse.

I wasn't sure if the little dwarves would try to help each other. So I tried to subdue one of them in order to bring him to a place where I could kill him without being disturbed. Unfortunately I wasn't skilled enough, and the kid attacked me. The second kid didn't interfere at all, and so I thought I could just as well stay there and kill one child after the other.

Then the satai came in... Ugh! Panic! I ran away, trying to find a hiding place. But this was, of course, a useless effort. The satai found me in the eastern part of the city and smacked my ass, using the flat side of the blade. I leaped around like a scared rabbit, desperately trying to defend myself.

After a very short fight, I fell unconcious under his strokes and he stopped hunting be. When I woke up, the satai ordered me to sit down and questioned me about the incident. He introduced himself as Parsivale, and I had to tell him my name, too. I was quite embarassed about the whole thing, especially because of the fact that I had been so stupid to get myself caught red handed.

Of course I didn't tell him the truth about my wilful attack... at least I wanted to get out alive! So I invented a little story about the dwarven boy, who had been teasing the girl, and told him that I had only tried to subdue the kid because I wanted to show him manners. The whole thing went a bit like this:

Parsivale: Don't attack innocents!
Jenkira:   (falling unconcious)
Jenkira:   (waking up again)
Parsivale: Take a rest. And no tricks. 
Jenkira:   (nodding solemnly, sitting down)
Parsivale: Do not let me use force.
Jenkira:   (blushing profusely)
Parsivale: Why did you attack that child?
Jenkira:   Excuse me, that boy attacked ME!
Parsivale: Why that? Did you try to steal from him?
Jenkira:   No. He had been teasing the girl, and I tried
           to subdue him. I wanted to show him manners.
Parsivale: (ponders the situation)
Jenkira:   I was a bit angry. He has been pulling 
           her hair.
Parsivale: You should not have attacked such a young
Jenkira:   I only wanted to twist his arm a bit. 
           I really didn't mean to harm him.
Jenkira:   (again blushing profusely)
Jenkira:   It all happened so quickly.

Parsivale looked at me, frowning, and queried about me not being registered in that area. He told me that this was a reason for him to regard me as a non-trustworthy person, and in my heart I had to say that he was perfectly right with his suspicion... Well - that day happened to be my first day in that area, and so I did not have to tell him another lie.

The satai offered to let me go, provided that I would come with him and get myself registered. I eagerly agreed, glad to get out of this trouble so easily. Especially, because he had told me that I could have been hanged for such an offence.

When I left the place, I was in the worst shape I have ever been in. The healer at the shop had a lot of work with me. I think, the next time I go chopping in Atlantis, I should rather hunt rabbits than dwarven children. Rabbits are innocent as well, but usually they don't have that attentive bodyguards.

Jenkira Onq'Trysyvat

Because of some stupid accident with WinZip, I lost this nice logfile. So I had to tell this story in my own words.