Jenkira's death list

  1. Tortoise, at night: I ran into an agressive ghoul at the black rock.
    - Resurrected by Xandrilla (Priest of Calric, near Ki-Eren-Home).
  2. The spinning wheel in Padorn caused a more dangerous wound than I had expected.
    - Resurrected by Ahuizotl (Priest at the followers shrine of Huitzilopochtli)
  3. I sacrificed myself to mighty Huitzilopochtli. Alone, without witnesses, because I had failed the attempt before, and I feared that I would make a fool of myself if again I didn't succeed. (OOC: Very stupid. Do not copy this behaviour.)
    - Resurrected by Ahuizotl
  4. I sacrificed myself to mighty Huitzilopochtli. Yaltox, Gemini and another follower of our beloved God witnessed the holy ritual
    - Resurrected by Gemini
  5. After borrowing some coins from a guard in Ki-Eren-Home, I had a hot shower with boiling oil (and OOC I fell down laughing about my own stupidity, hehe...)
    - Resurrected by Kreb, one of the nicest huizis I've met up to now (Later, Kreb left the huitzis and became a satai. Traitor! *pout*)