How Gelfling died in Xyllomer

  1. Newbie Cave near Ki-Eren-Home, fighting some Monster, only equiped with a knife and a gnomish warbag. I didn't have an active wimpy, I started to bleed and didn't know the effect, and then I fell unconcious. (1)
    - Ressurrected by Kelida
  2. Insects near New Tilverton (I just thought I could kill an Insect...)
    - Ressurrected by Yenul, who also restored my limbs
  3. Same day: Insects again (I wanted to get back my stuff)
    - Ressurrected by Yenul, who also restored my limbs
  4. Same day: Guess what? ;-) (some people never learn...)
    - Ressurrected by Yenul, who also restored my limbs
  5. I met 2 Nightshades and several Ghouls in Old Tilverton - Oops? Last time when I had been there, the place had really been peaceful!
    - Ressurrected by Kopeister, who went to OT and retrieved my stuff. I was so thankful that I decided to become a cleric (and his pilgrim).
  6. PK in Elohim: Huitzi Kreb only wanted to stun me, but the Warshrike Teejay tried to assist him - in killmode.
    This was only a stupid accident. Nobody really wanted to kill me.
    - Ressurrected by Yenul, since no other cleric was awake.
    - XP restored by Tarjan.

(1) Luckily, this cave doesn't exist any more. It must have been coded by a mad wizard with some kind of sick humor: Gnomes are the weakest race in Xyllomer, and instead of rabbits and hares, the first monsters they found near their birthplace were orcs and wolves. Nowadays, this has changed.