The pictures below are here to be discussed as possible shapes of tshaharks, a race in Geas. This doesn't mean that the tshaharks look like any of them... they just represent my own wild imagination. I used Play-Doh to form the body of the green monster, and modeling clay (a mixture of wax, chalk, parafinium, glycerine and food colours) for the brown monsters. For the first two pictures I have used a morpher and pictures of suitable faces (a T-Rex and a guy from a trick film).

Tshaharks are a magical cross-breed between humans and saurs. They are powerful fighters, but quite stupid. My tshahark character's name is Tarkin: "I am nothing, I know nothing, give me a uniform!" - Tarkin is a proud member of the Legion of Forostar.

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And now: Go, tshaharks, go!

How would they look like?

[Small image: Tshahark 1]

[18 kB]
Dinosaurs with human hands and a slight human touch in their face?

[Small image: Tshahark 2]

[16 kB]
Dinosaur-body with human hands and a rather human face?

[Small image: Tshahark 3]

[19 kB]
Rather human arms, hands, maybe feet, walking upright, but all in all a bit more dinosaur-like?

[Small image: Tshahark 4]

[22 kB]
Someone said, tshaharks would look like the dracs in "enemy mine". That would be about like this.