Name Place of the Action Short Description Author
Cavewars Elohim Cave Marti, Mahlekei, Lathander and Lorindol stumble one after the other into a trap of the Priests of Hutzilopochtli.
See also : Cavewars by Logan
Lathander Silverwing
Murder in Dore Dore Harbour Lathander detects the fresh corpse of a guard and his murderer Horus, a Priest of Hutzilopochtli Lathander Silverwing
Trouble in Clouds Clouds Sanul detects a team of Hutzis in Clouds and Lathander joins the fight Lathander Silverwing
War in the Jungles Jungles of Yucatan Some huge teams attack the Pyramid of the Hutzis, Cielo was killed in the first strike, but the rescue team is about to arrive Lorindol Silvermoon
Ambush Village Groove In times of war a party of Satais and Mages laid out a trap at Village Groove Lorindol Silvermoon
Deadly Meeting Lonar Scout The Satai Zadow is surprised by a team of Hutzis in Lonar, but a team of Mages and Satais reacts fast Lorindol Silvermoon
Javelins and Pyramids Lonar Pyramid Arayel is really angry about Leeland whos carrying his Javelin around Leeland
Deadly Arrows Razza City Who said that Satais can't win against Necros ? Arrows can be a deadly weapon if you know how to use them Leeland
Destruction Tortoise Read and see the nearly unlimited power a Necromancer is able to set free in only a moment Leeland
Logan's Run Razza Gifford has good luck in bad luck .... meeting the evil Priest Logan is often deadly, but the Razza Mercenaries were fighting side by side with the Satai Gifford
Revenge Tortoise Logan has sacrificed Thorsal's girl Morticia and so he is really angry. He finds Logan in Tortoise mountains. But surprinsingly Logan is not alone and Aliena must pay for Logan's deads. Thorsal

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