Name Place of the Action Date Short Description Author
Cavewars Elohim, hidden Cave Unknown Arayel, Warsblood and Logan set a trap in the Elohim caves.
See also : Cavewars by Lathander Silverling
Trap in the Pyramid Lonar, abandoned Pyramid Unknown A huge team of Priests and Followers of Hutzilopochtli set up a trap for Sanul and Talisin Cohen
Eagle Panic Primordia, Padorn Unknown Talocarian panics a young innocent Priest of Rokoon Talocarian De'Laras
Fast Dwarfs Yucatan, Village Groove 256 AF Talocarian meets Winddancer in Village Groove Talocarian De'Laras
Glory Day (II) Primordia, Rokoon Monastry 256 AF The menace continues, in the first part a team of Priests sacrificed a Satai and attacked the Elohim Orphage. Now, only hours later the monastry is the next target Talocarian De'Laras
Glory Day (III) Primordia, Padorn Marketplace 256 AF After the monastry the Priests decide to preach midst in the heart of Xyllomer .... in Padorn. Talocarian De'Laras
Death in Timbooktwoo Primordia, Road near Timbooktwoo 257 AF Welleran the Satai faces Arayel and Talocarian near Timbooktwoo Talocarian De'Laras
False Heroes
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Yucatan, Village Groove 257 AF Read an see the false heroism of the Satais and their allys Talocarian De'Laras
Worf's Fall Yucatan, Temple Area 258 AF Worf sees the light and changes his life Talocarian De'Laras
Orphange {short description of image} Elohim, Rokoonian Orphanage 258 AF The Priests of Huitzilopochtli attacked the Orphanage, and several Satais tried to help the people there Unknown

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