to kill

The ultimate guide how to kill other players

There is only one currency in a MUD: time.

There is not much difference between killing someone,
destroying a ship, stealing coins, putting someone into jail,
or forcing someone to hide while his friends are not online.

Only the amount of stolen time is different.

In the end, all that counts is:
how much time will the other player have to spend,
doing things he won't like,
because I played a certain destructive action on him.

So, if you enjoy monster hacking in teams a lot,
not much harm is done when you get killed.
You would go monster hacking anyway.

Isolating someone by means of terror,
so that he does not dare to move without a protective team,
is worse.

It is easy to ignore roleplay, but you can't ignore attackers.

No, joining a monster hacking team is not a substitute
for being able to explore the world on one's own
and having the option to talk,
instead of being a subject to attacks on sight.

And no, joining a neutral guild is not the answer.

The answer is: Enjoy the game and let the others enjoy it.

Use your common sense.
When it is too easy for you
to harm, damage or kill other players,
think twice before doing it.

You can easily create a wonderfully scary atmosphere without actually using your power.

Announcing something evil will cause a tingling of the skin.
An attack will cause an adrenaline rush.
Death, as a rare occasion, will heat up the emotions.
But any damage that is done too often, too cheaply, easy handed,
and for minor reasons or for no reason at all,
will cause frustration amoung players.

This is the point where things have to be stopped.

Killing infants or newbies is cheap.
And being hunted for it is not the fair price for it.
If you actually enjoy the adrenaline rush,
you will have the fun while being hunted.
But your victim,
who is not interested or able to hunt you for revenge,
will be left with frustration.

No, simply killing does not bring atmosphere into this game.
No, the problem is not that pacifists start whining when you kill them.
One simply shouldn't kill whiners in the first place.


Only kill a character if you could imagine having a beer/coke/coffee
with the player of that character on the next day.
If that thought would give you the creeps, then don't kill that character.

Let's all have a lot of fun,