A message in a bottle

Place : Padorn, the Rokoonian temple - The shores of Elohim
Date : the world being fading, time has become meaningless
Author : Gelfling

You wake up.

Slowly, you regain conciousness. Daylight mercilessly stings into your eyes like sharp daggers, and your mouth is filled with a dry, disgusting taste. You grunt loudly, while you roll your body into an upright position. Strange, these dreams you had. You nearly stumble over something, as you walk towards the staircase. What's that again? Ah, yes, Winddancer's anvil! Painfully you rub your left foot, supressing a silent curse.

You guess that it's about 6 o'clock in the morning. Time enough for a little walk in the forest, before the first sermon starts. Tiredly you stomp downstairs and walk out into the cool, fresh morning air. Absorbed in thought you continue your walk southwards to the forest of Elohim. Then, for a moment, you stop to listen. Was there a whisper? No, there are only the sounds of the trees moving in the wind. High above your head you hear the lonely cry of a falcon. Sadness fills your heart. In spite of the bright beams of the early morning sun there is darkness in your mind. The feeling reminds you of the dreams you had last night.

Uneasily you stomp forward, until you finally reach the shore. You sit down on a stone and watch the waves of the ocean. Suddenly, the wind is getting stronger. You feel rather cold, so you stand up, wrapping your robe tightly around your body. You are about to turn around and leave, when you hear the cry of a falcon again: "Stay!" it seems to call... "Stay!"

You look out on the ocean. There, far away, at the horizon, you see a silvery line. First slowly, then faster and faster, it is moving towards you. It is a wave, a huge shining wave! As the wave reaches the shore, a bottle is washed onto the beach. You pick it up and discover a scroll inside the bottle.