Room of Maps
The room you just entered is filled with maps and reports of travellers from all over the land. Perhaps you can find some interesting places here you dont know.

Official Xyllomer Homepage The Official Homepage of Xyllomer, located on a server in Paderborn You can find everything you have to know about the Mud when you beginn to play there. A must to visit. Under redesign right now.
Chronicles of the Northern Lands A page made by several players of Xyllomer Not much to find there, but nice made to get a general feeling about Muds.
Myrons Homepage The HomePage of Myron, the Necromancer Some nice Logs of his fights and adventures.
Wolferines and Grolims HomePage Two logs are located there.
Unofficial Xyllomer Homepage Nicely made page by Kawana ? Some good books and maps
Leelands Home HomePage of Leeland Not much, hes a really lazy guy, but his logs / comments are some of the best ;) .
Giffords Homepage HomePage of Gifford One Log, and links to other Xyllomer Pages

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