Name Place of the Action Year Short Description Author
Fanatics Tortoise Bhaal Temple Unknown The most fanatic Priests of Rokoon chase Myron through Xyllomer and then finally into his own temple KayRay
Monastry under Attack Rokoonian Monastry Unknown The Monastry is attacked again, but this time a team led by the Cleric Winddancer is close enough to help Winddancer
Hunt on Arayel Northern Tortoise Unknown Arayel was seen in Tortoise, and soon a team of Clerics of Rokoon gathers ... but Arayel is more than a worthy oponent Ubinox
Rokoonian Shopping Jungles of Yucatan Unknown One way of getting new Armors is the Temple of the Priests of Hutzilopochtli .... but is it also a good way ? Winddancer / Worf
Pirates Aldea Moir Unknown KayRayand Quind trying to bring law and order into a pirate town ... but they have made the plan without the buccaneer there KayRay
Cleric Fire Northern Primordia Unknown The clerics Ubinox, Winddancer and Astaroth meet together with their devils and a genie, Cohen and Arayel in the orccamp. Ubinox
A cleric's misbehaviour Rokoonian chapel, Padorn Unknown Two Clerics, one Mage and a young girl are chatting in the chapel, right after the sermon. Gelfling
Melden falls down Padorn, Rokoonian Temple 257 AF This sad story happened one morning in Padorn, starting during the morning sermon. Gelfling
Surprise {short description of image} Yucatan, Village Groove 258 AF Winddancer and his friends decided to check the natives again, last time they had been healthy, but well, things change very quickly in those deep jungles of yucatan Winddancer
Duell {short description of image} Yucatan, city of Woonoonga 258 AF Winddancer, Priest of Rokoon and Kreb, Priest of Huitzilopochtli, met in Woonoonga to fight an honourable duell to decide which god was the true one, well, at least which god had the better champion that day ;-) Winddancer

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