Name Place of the Action Short Description Author
Myrons Bad Day Cloud Bandits Wolverine meets Myron without his beloved pets
See also : Myron Bad Day by Myron
High Noon Somewhere Wolverine and Myron meet for a duell with blazing fingers
See also : High Noon by Myron
Bad Luck Atlantis Mages Guild Athas is lucky as he attacks Grandor Myron (the time he was Mage)
End of Cadderly Somewhere Foranor and Myron hunt down Cadderly in a small cave Myron (the time he was Mage)
Death of an Assassin Somewhere Myron meets Taliranowe Myron (the time he was Mage)
Promotions Atlantis Magicians Guild The ceremony of promoting Mia to the rank of Greymage. Lifari

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