You walk over to the Historic Event bookshelfs, a collection of tales and storys so important, strange
or menacing that the world will never forget them. As your gaze glances over the covers of the books some of them catch your eye.

Priests of Hutzilopochtli and the Followers of Rokoon are at war with each other since the first intelligent beeing raised his eyes to the heavens. One day a team of Priests of Hutzilopochtli manages to surprise their archenemies at Village Groove, a situation that soon led to a sequencel of adventures.

Event Name Time Short Description Author
Holy Wars Capture of Kopeister 1. day ( Riverday ) in the month of the lion, 257 years after the big fire of Padorn. A stupidity leads to the capture of Kopeister and the death of Worf, another Priest of Rokoon Talocarian
The Escape 8. day ( Riverday ) in the month of the lion With a great plan, the help of Rokoon and due to a carelessness of the evil Priests Kopeister is rescued by a small and fearless team Astaroth
Another Victory 8. day ( Riverday ) in the month of the lion Only hours later Hutzilopochtli himself gives the leader of the Rokoonian Clerics into the hands of a team searching for the escaped prisoner Talocarian
Shame 9. day ( Riverday ) in the month of the lion Chackled to a prison wall Winddancer faces the unlimited seeming powers of Hutzilopochtli and his followers, desperately trying to keep his faith Talocarian
Freedom 16. day ( Riverday ) in the month of the lion After many endless days of imprisonment and pain Winddancer is released by the Priest of Hutzilopochtli, his body tortured and battered, but his will and faith not broken.

Travellers reportet a strange house in a dark wood in Nothern Primordia, and short after that a creature, himself calling the Reaver, a beeing of unbelievable power starts to terrorise the world of Xyllomer.

Event Name Time Short Description Author
The Coming of the Reaver The End of the Reaver 256 AF Finally the Reaver is brought down by a team of Light Leeland

One day, the Orcs choosed a new leader and decided to stand up and fight the other races, to
throw away the chains of slavery, to revenge the uncountable dead brothers and sisters killed by the other races over the centurys.

Event Name Time Short Description Author
The Orcish Rebellion Orccamp Action Month of the spider, 257 AF Mohegia and Planthe just want to visit some trolls, but they get more than they bargained for. Planthe

Demons suddenly were sighted all over Primordia, and soon the source was discovered ....
a magical circle deep in the ruins of Old Tilverton.

Event Name Time Short Description Author
Demonstorm Demons Unknown A large team gathers to face the demons. Worf

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