1. I see one of my logs on the page, but I don't want to release it to the public.
    I am sorry, but this may happen, because sometimes I get logs from third persons. Just drop me a line with the name of the log and I will remove it asap.
  2. Are there some thing I should keep in mind when i'm going to send you my log ?
    Yes, please include the following if possible:
    • If you want me to set a link to your homepage, please add the URL.
    • Please tell me the name of the log-file, for example "Crazy TestChars running mad in Elohim"
    • If possible, add the time and the place where the event of the log happened. For example "Around midnight in the early spring in the year of the worm in Stone-Mountains ".
    • Give me a short description of what happens in the Log, for example : "Some Padorn Pickpockets trying to get the white tschekal from Sanul the Beserk"
    • Make sure the room descriptions show no secrets like hidden and not widely known passages, etc.
    • If you don't want others to know where the portal or teleport points (or the mantras) of your characters are, cut them out and make a short note like < lots of running > after that paragraph.
    • If you don't want to show others your real name, but only the name you are widely known as, please replace it. The same applies for other persons in your log, too.
  3. I noticed that one of the logs does not tell the truth. The situation never happened like the log says.
    Mail me immediately. I can't be sure that all logs that are sent to me are 100% true, but i will try to throw the black sheep out.
  4. I once gave you permission to use my log for your page, but now I want it removed.
    I'm sad about it, but you are the boss. So write me a short mail and I will remove it.

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