How can i help ?

The young, blond-haired woman gives you a thankful smile.

"Yes, we have much to do here and the Sage is always pleased if someone helps us."

She takes some sheets of paper from a pocket of her robe and nods slightly.
"You can write the Sage your ideas in our post office, but the following points are very important for us :

  • The Sage plans to put up a creature and equipment section soon, so we need :
    • the strength of weapons (eg. good damage & average parryability, made in Elohim by elven craftmen),
    • armours (eg. very light scalemail with average protection made of wood. Widely used in the jungles of Yucatan),
    • normal items (eg. backpack, blindfold, how-to-use, etc.),
    • unique items (rumours, not the exact powers, eg. The abilities of these flaming blades are not exactly known, also where they came from, but the magic fires around the blade ...)
    • and Creatures (eg. a dangerous predator, his home are the wide open plains of the Grasslands ...).
  • Biographys and Histories of families and single charakters
  • For the Historic Event Section (Logs) more Logs about the Coming of the Reaver and the Orcish Rebellion, but also of other important events that took place.

She puts the papers away.

"Please feel also free to write your opinion about the tower to the Sage or anything that comes into your mind."

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