Image: a clay model of a revenantRevenants

The revenants are undeads who are roaming a large dungeon under a castle in the northern regions of the continent Morisot. There seem to be revenants of great danger, incredible danger and ludicruous danger. Usually they run around in teams of four, and they are able to sense and attack invisible people. Teleport is not possible in their realms.

A challenge for extremely bored high level players who think that Skara Brae must be a playground for weak little newbies.

A large revenant out to rip your arms out of their sockets.
It looks eerie.

This description is a bit poor, and so I was wondering about their appearance. The picture on this page shows how they are like in my own imagination.

For non-picture readers:
The picture shows a clay model of an ugly flat-nosed bald-headed man with pointed ears and large dark eyes which look like a pair of black glass balls. His fingers are long and thin. He is wearing a long brown robe which reaches down to his feet.