How Crotalo died in Xyllomer

  1. I pleased Huitzilopochtli with my blood
    • Resurrected by Cohen

  2. Two trolls and one or two orcs in the tower near ryegate cut me into thin slices.
    • Resurrected by LiNeerlay

  3. During a fight in the schrat's cave, Jyrka died from excessive bloodloss because I was out of favour and thus unable to cure her. I took the consequences and sacrificed myself as a punishment.
    • Resurrected by Julchen

  4. I took a wrong turn inside a twisted passage and got promptly invited to a mud party. The others guests, a group of 23 copper-coloured snakes, liked me so much that they didn't want to let me go.
    • Resurrected and told off by Gemini

  5. Two burley male natives disagreed when I tried to convince them to participate in a ritual
    • Resurrected by Quoraci (Priest at Zynaya Graveyard).

  6. I died on the flowery field in Elohim.
    • Attackers: Arsan, Cohen, Julchen, Thales, Tremain, Willfred, Crotalo
    • Defenders: Kretone, a black-haired green-eyed female elf, Pety, Angborn, Norima, Cormac, Griffin, Whiteraven, a dark-eyed red-haired male human, Wiffle
    • Resurrected by Cohen.

  7. I was running around aimlessly, asking for the opposite side of village grove. But each native sent me into a different direction.
    • Resurrected by Julchen.

  8. Certain aspects of our war against Elohim made me feel so depressed that I didn't want to live any more.
    • Resurrected by Candarcel (Priest at the shrine in our inner guild).
    • As a punishment, Julchen ordered me to go to the disciples house and spend the night paring potatoes for our cook, Ingtan. After about 75 potatoes, Ingtan told me that this was enough... and gave them to the pigs.

  9. A native family (father, mother, and two children) invited me to a picnic - as their main dish.
    • Resurrected by Julchen.

  10. A helpful four-armed golem relieved me from all worldly bondage.
    • Resurrected by Quoraci (Priest at Zynaya Graveyard).

  11. A nasty black chimpanzee led our team to doom.
    • Resurrected by LiNeerlay.

  12. My legs demanded a rest in an inappropriate place during a tiresome battle in Zynaya.
    • Resurrected by Quoraci (Priest at Zynaya Graveyard).

  13. My friends had abandoned me. Satai were humiliating me. And the heretical clerics "blessed" the ground of our holy Zynaya in the name ouf the foul wind demon Rokoon. I couldn't bear the shame and sacrificed myself before their eyes.
    • Resurrected by Quoraci (Priest at Zynaya Graveyard).

  14. Cujo denied my authority as a Huey Tlatoani. I just wanted to slap him around a bit with the flat side of the blade, but he blocked the exit and chopped off my head.
    • Resurrected by the spirit of Huitzilopochtli.

  15. A friend had dropped some stuff (along with his corpse) at the revenant's dungeon, so we went there to retrieve his things. A few moments later we had to retrieve my stuff. His things were gone, and never to be found again.
    • Resurrected by Zestor.

  16. Stonecold, one of our followers, called over gemline that he had been killed by a single satai in the tortoise mountains. Although still in team, Zestor and me arrived at the place at different times and from different directions. I arrived first and got attacked on sight. My only attempts for actions were panic miracles because I did not want to fight, and I was on the ground and almost dead when Zestor arrived. Both of us were killed by Shev.
    • Resurrected by Quoraci (Priest at Zynaya Graveyard).

People Crotalo killed (or helped to kill)

  1. After Cujo had killed me, he dropped his weapons and armours. Then I came back to life, picked up his stuff and attacked him again. He was so nice to stay until he died. I did of course pray for his resurrection.

Incredible but true: This is the only playerkill I was ever involved into. Erm, OK, there was also this case with a cleric who's globe vanished due to a bug, and whom I helped to re-wrap at our inner guild, but I think that one doesn't count. He was at death's door and Cohen was not even near his limits. No, I didn't help to hunt him down, no matter what he has told you.